Saturday, 18 February 2012

Hello again!!

I dont think I've actually really introduced my self or my dolls! Anyway I'm Dian, I'm 14 years old ( I know I'm super young but ah well!) I love reading anything fantasy, (Mainly Harry Potter, I'm like a walking HP dictionary!!) I'm super crazy and just all over the place all the time, I love Photography and o fcourse my doll( It'll be dolls soon but not quite yet!!) Any yeah thats me in a nut shell, I dont really have any photos of myself but when I do I might post some!!

Moving onto dolls, I started collecting/playing with dolls when I was 10 ,I started with Australian Girl dolls, which if you know what American girl dolls are their basically the Aussie version of them, If you dont have a clue what I'm talking about their basically vinyl play dolls! And then I found BJD's and fell in love with them, they were just so amazing!! I couldn't believe how beutiful they were, but I just didn't fell like paying $200 for a doll that was way smaller than my dolls I had (I was looking at a Pukifee Luna at the time!!)!! And so I stopped looking at BJD's and then late last year I sorta started making characters, I had no idea what they would look like, and so I went hey why not make them into BJD's!!! Ofcourse non of my original characters are going to be made into dolls, but all my plans changed when I found a Resinsoul Yao in Tan a couple of weeks before Christmas, and so I put her on Lay-away and I couldn't wait to get her home!! And so as I looked at more dolls Characters just jumped out at me and I have this whole world made up now.

Anyway when it was getting close to my dolls arrival I was at a loss, I had not Idea what to name her and then one day I was watching Lord of the Rings, and then it came to me, Arwen that was what I was going to name her it was perfect for her and ever since I got her I knew I had made the right decision!!

So anyway I've had Awren for more than a month and I am still head over heels with her, I couldn't ask for more from her. And then ofcourse I was officially bitten by the Fairyland bug and anyone who knows how that feel knows you crash and burn when your bitten, anyway I was looking at a Blog of a Face-up artist called  Xhanthi and I fell in love with a LTF Leah, and it was one of those moments were it's like Oh my gosh I love that doll, and then I dont know I think is was like a week after I got Arwen that exact doll went up for sale on the MP and I knew I had to get her, so I'm currently about 2-3 payments from getting her and I'm so excited!!! And yeah thats really it, for now anyway, so here's a photo of Arwen for you!!!

So that's about it, if you've read this far I congratulate you, theirs alot there!!

See you next time!!

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